You’ve got your Prime Feast box. You’ve got your Big Green Egg ready to turn the contents into an amazing, well, feast.

The only other decisions are: who to invite round, and what’s the best charcoal for your Big Green Egg.

When it comes to home and garden ceramic grills, smokers and barbecues, there’s no question that Big Green Egg is up there with the very best. The ceramic charcoal grills can cook almost everything, from prime meat cuts to roast potatoes.

The powerful technology is fuelled by charcoal, so a crucial element of your cooking is choosing the best coal for your Big Green Egg.

Like it or lump it

One of the options when it comes to the best coal for Big Green Egg is lump charcoal. It’s a good choice, as it cooks at a hotter temperature than briquettes and also produces less little ash. It lights very easily and most lump charcoal is 100% natural with no additives.

Lumpwood charcoal for a Big Green Egg is available in a range of different woods, most often hardwood. Each wood used has its own burning characteristic that can alter your grilling experience. For example, lumpwood charcoal made from oak burns differently to maple wood. BBQ experts often say that the natural wood choice helps create a great flavour for the meat – so bear that in mind when you’re cooking your Prime Feast steaks.

One downside is it tends to be more expensive than briquettes and the charcoal size is less consistent.


A second option is using charcoal briquettes for your Big Green Egg. They usually have a longer burning time than lump charcoal and they also usually burn at a lower temperature. Many people are put off briquettes because of the reputation of them containing chemicals and lighting agents, however you can buy 100% natural charcoal briquettes. They come in a consistent size and shape which makes them easier to work with than lumpwood charcoal.

One of the disadvantages of using briquettes over lump charcoal is that they take longer to light - especially if they are 100% natural. Using the best Big Green Egg charcoal starter could help with this. Briquettes also have a reputation for giving off a smell - which is common in those with a starch binder.

And finally…

The good news is there’s a wide range of popular branded charcoal available for the Big Green Egg; popular brands include Royal Oak, Fogo, Big K and Grill Dome. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to choosing which charcoal for Big Green Egg to buy, it comes down to what type of cooking experience you want. Both lumpwood and briquettes have pros and cons. If you are looking for a quick cooking experience at a high temperature, then lumpwood charcoal would be your best bet; if you are looking for a slower cooking experience with lower temperatures, then charcoal briquettes would be best. We have the perfect BBQ meat boxes for your BBQ.

Happy cooking – and eating!

Written by Prime Feast