Galician Bone in Ribeye


From The Land

From the hills of Galician Spain reared by small family farmer, often looking after no more than 4 cattle at a time.

The Galician steaks are procured on average at the 12 years period of the cattle's life, this gives the beef complex flavour not experienced in younger animals.

We dry age the Galician Bone in Ribeye between 50 and 60 days allowing the beef to tenderise and concentrating it’s already incredible flavour.

Please note, our cuts should be stored below 8°C and are not suitable for home freezing. Our beef products can be stored for 3 days including the delivery date. 
Deliveries are fulfilled Tuesday to Saturday until 6 pm.

Your Bone in Ribeye comes with:

  • Beast's truffle sauce
  • Fresh garlic, rosemary and thyme
  • Kosher salt
  • 2 x Cooking instruction cards

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Size: 600g