Lake District Farmers

Lake District Farmers strength lies in their unique approach to getting all the small things right, they call this 1 per cents. All these 1 per cents added up give you some of the best possible beef available. They have a co-op of roughly 50 farmers whose enthusiasm, passion and hard work result in a unique breeding program, that produces the finest heritage beef in the country. Heritage breeds are grown slowly, and with great care, on biodiverse pastures until they reach maturity between 28-36 months. This time-honoured process allows the cattle to have a long and fulfilled life. From a product perspective, it allows Lake District Farmers to produce beef with a deep and distinct flavour profile.

Greater Omaha Packers

Greater Omaha, Nebraska, is located in the middle of the largest supply of Angus cattle in the world. Angus beef produced from the Midwest United States in the heart of the corn belt ensures unrivalled quality of livestock. These cattle are fed on corn for 150 days to ensure one of the most consistent supply of top quality beef in the world.

Aberdeen Black

Aberdeen Black’s passion is to produce a tender, tasteful and consistent product. They select the best cattle from herds consisting of both Hereford and Angus breeds. These cattle are reared in the Riverina, located in southern New South Wales and known as one of the most productive and biodiverse agricultural regions of Australia. All Aberdeen Black cattle are finished on 120 days high energy cereal diet which produces maximum flavour, tenderness and marbling.

Spring Creek

Angus heritage beef reared in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Spring Creek beef is raised on the fertile plains of western Alberta where grass is plentiful. Following this the cattle are finished on a nutritious grain ration, consisting mostly of barley. This mixture of grass and grain gives the beef and intense but buttery flavour renowned worldwide.


consists of the sirloin and a minimum 1.5 inches of fillet. While the origin of the name is unclear the requirement for the fillet size is clearly defined. Two premium cuts of beef in one steak, the best of both worlds.
consisting of the same elements as the porterhouse, this steak again contains the sirloin and a fillet no more than 1.5 inches. 
Bone in Sirloin
this is essentially a T-bone steak but without the fillet. Succulent and full of ‘beefy flavour’ a steak lovers favourite.
NY Striploin
also known as the strip steak. This steak has outstanding flavour and good marbling. The NY striploin is slightly leaner than the ribeye.
whether it’s on the bone or off the bone, the ribeye is generally considered the King of Steaks for many. Highly marbled, full of flavour and tender, the ribeye ticks all the boxes.
cut from the tenderloin, the fillet is deliciously soft and fork tender. If you’re a texture person this is the steak for you.
as cut from the large portion of the tenderloin and usually containing at least 400g.